Advantages of a Sharp Knife

It might be counterintuitive, but the biggest advatnage of a sharp knife is that it's safer. There is no danger of the dull blade slipping around what you are trying to cut, and accidentally landing on your finger. A sharp knife means it will slice cleanly through whatever you are cutting. Nothing else. 

A sharp blade will cleanly slice through anything you are cutting, without smushing or bruising what you are trying to cut. This means less time chopping and prepping and more time cooking and enjoying the food with your friends and families.  

You know when you go out to a restaurant and everything on the plate is perfectly cut? You can achieve that at home too with a little practice and a sharp knife. Your will take your home cooking to the next level and be the talk of your friends. 

Did chopping onions or shallots make you cry? Well, that's probably because your knife wasn't sharp enough. The dull knife will break open more cells that contain the tear inducing gas in onions and shallots. A sharp will knife will cleanly and quickly slice through them without damaging them. So you can cry less and cook more.


Cook More

Professional Level Quality

Cry Less


How Our Knives Stay Sharp

Carbon Stainless Steel
The stainless steel we use is a unique blend of metals that offer lasting durability while being easy to maintain.

Pressure Treated
We use a pressure treatment process to reinforce the blade so the sharpened edge can last even longer.

Knively Protect
With Knively Protect, you are fully covered for any damages to your knife. From wear and tear to accidental damages.